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Special Council Meeting - Wednesday, 21 February 2018 - 19:30

Meeting Agenda

To receive apologies for absence, if any.
To note declarations of Members’ disclosable pecuniary interests, non-disclosable pecuniary interests and non-pecuniary interests in respect of items on the Agenda.
Report of the Director (Resources, Environment and Cultural Services) on the Council Tax setting for 2018/19.
To consider recommendations from the meeting of the Cabinet on 6 February 2018:-
(a) Public Space Protection Order (Pages 13 - 74)
(b) Tenancy Policy and Flexible Tenancy Policy (Pages 75 - 120)
To consider a recommendation from the meeting of the Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 30 January 2018:-
Safety Advisory Team Update (Pages 121 - 138)
Report of the Chief Executive and Acting Returning Officer on interim proposals for changes to the current arrangements.